Westeros of Blood - SC Winner & 2nd Place

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Lawyer 425

"I am the storm, my lord. The first storm, and the last." - Euron Crow's Eye

I Won Store Championship playing a 50%-50% final match agains Nome with the near same deck . I had a better start with Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR), and the de agenda do it's job.

Takes also a 2nd place at another one SC loosing the finala Vs The Lord of the Crossing (A Pinch of Powder and new Balon Greyjoy (KotI) abuse)

I have to say tanks, for the feedback, and Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) original version of the deck to:

  • "Francis" Folladori, we confronted each other since the release of Deluxe to make aggro back again. He is a huge fan of the aggro playstyle then he gives to me precious advices.

and for playtest and feedback on the deck to:

  • Zetton (The Old Captain of Iron Fleet)
  • Nome (that play this deck better than me :P )

I Was starting to play an Euron Crow's Eye (Core) deck, without Silence and Maiden's Bane it was good, but to slow. The "Warship Jumper" seems better and the deck have more standings effects and tool in this way.

The plot deck was the same, excepted for Vanquish the Unbelievers that was originally a Sneak Attack.

NOTE: Maester Wendamyr is 2x Maester Murenmure

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Lawyer 425

ofc, not Cressen but Maester Murenmure got some trouble during the editing :)