Sea of Kneel 2nd Wayland SC

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callumgie 120


I finished 2nd at the Wayland store championship, it’s slightly different from a normal SoB deck but does still have some PTTS and PTTT. The main aim of the agenda though is to go and get those kneel events. Changes I would make: I want ValarM in here and a winter plot (god I hate wintefell), is probably drop wildfire and ValarD for them. I would drop Stannis fully I think, putting in two more Selmy. Also would like another saving the kingdom.

The deck overall is ok, it can be inconsistent. I sometimes had a hard time choosing an event with SoB or even having the right event to choose. Any hopefully someone better at building decks than me can come up with some improvements.

Well done to Rebecca for winning the event overall and to the store for running a great tournament. Thanks for reading.

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chris27uk 1


Thank you for sharing, it was a great deck to play against and very different from any Sea of Blood deck I have played before.

Thanks Chris