Stark Blood

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powerguy 19

A bit of a mash up of some of the recent top placing Stark decks (using Winter/Old Gods tech) but moved into a Sea of Blood shell since I wanted to try King Robb and Fealty felt kinda boring.

With Wyman you aren't all in on the military challenge plan, the deck has pretty good draw and resilience. The deck also has surprised me with how good the econ is, all your plots have solid gold values which get buffed by Winter Reserves and unless your opponent is actually on a Summer themed deck (i.e. more than the 1-2 econ/draw plots you commonly see) the Northern Keep is actually very strong.

Citadel Archivist is there to cycle your events around in longer games (and crush the hopes and dreams of Greyjoy mill players I guess). You should only ever put it into play if you don't think you need to shuffle your discard back in or you are truly desperate for a body, as it stops a number of your cards from working. Note you can play it and sac it with Wyman to get the trigger if it gets stuck in hand.

Outside of Wyman and Robb you have the Mormonts and then a range of efficient x1 characters with military icons.

Winterfell should probably be x3, and a number of characters are x2 (notably Summer who is pretty powerful if you can trigger him more than once a game) but I suck at making final cuts. Karhold absolutely should stay as a x2 though, the card singlehandedly crushes most rush style matchups. The only time it is totally dead is in Stark mirrors where they were also all in on the Winter stuff.

Would like to have fit in more of the Direwolf package, but I think you have to trim one of either the Mormont or Winter packages to make that work while still playing in Seas of Blood.

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