Greyjoy Pillaje utility

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Derzer 25


Toaster 35

Hey there, intriguing deck idea you have there.

I have some issues though: I don't quite understand the reasoning behind your neutral character choices.

I'd rather have 3x Asha Greyjoy (Km).
I also think 3x Raiding Longship is overkill and Grey Ghost does a better job (not even sure if you desperately need unopposed, but I guess you are going for Grand Melee + Raiding Longship ... no clue if that's worth the investment).
You should be running 3x Vince he is a broken card and combos really well with Balon Greyjoy (KotI)
If you are going for unopposed challenges you might want to add Great Kraken it's a great ship.

I also don't quite understand your event choices, they feel un-impactful to me.

Would be nice to hear your thoughts on these interesting card choices.