Maiden's Pain (Melee)

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DavosWatts001 18

This is a deck that has done quite well in the last few weeks in my playgroup. It has won 8 melee games in a row and 9 in 11 games. It also made the final of the Brighton Charity Melee.

It is a reasonably straight forward deck to play as the general plan is get Red Rain on Balon Greyjoy (Core) with a Fleet Captain and then do a bunch of challenges collecting renown, UO and rivals while standing lots with Maiden's Bane.

I generally try to start off as inoffensively as possible, negotiating UO to draw cards from Great Kraken and trying to keep my power total low. Quite often I offer to take an UO power to convince people not to do MIL against me.

The plot deck is a real strength of this deck. Turn two onward with Refurbished Hulk you almost always win initiative and decide how a turn will play out. Once you have all your pieces together you can close and it can be frighteningly quick and there is not much your opponents can do.

With Balon and an "Off To Gulltown" and two claim you can get


UO 1 Great Kraken 1 Red rain 2 Rivals 1 Renown 1

Stand with maidens bane


UO 1 Great Kraken 1 Rivals 1 Renown 1

Stand with maidens bane Pow

UO 1 Claim 2 Renown 1

That's 14 power in a single challenge phase which I have managed more than a few times. Coupled with abit of Victarion renown, King of salt and rock pillage power, sea bitching power holding locations and my favorite winning play Vincing a reducer chud or something to kill an Acolyte of the wave.

As for the table talk elements, I have had a lot of fun down playing my threat level but aside from dragon tail you don't have many deal making cards but, you don't really need them.

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