Sea of Skagos - 1st Charity Joust, Top 4 UK Grand Champs

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Ryan4815 1264

Charity Joust

UK Grand Champs

The character and location structure of the deck is generally similar to the Stark Fealty Skagos list popularized by JCWamma, tweaked with a marginally higher focus to take advantage of the event tutor offered by SoB. The economy loss from Fealty is somewhat mitigated by the event cost reduction and At the Gates. For a great breakdown of the core Stark cards included in the deck, I refer you to Wammas 1st place Stark Fealty list from the same tournament.

Unlike GJ/SoB the deck does not consistently trigger the agenda every round, nor does it rely on the effect; there were some games where I did not trigger it at all though the option was available, instead focusing on defence and the other two challenges. Often I would trigger the agenda on defence round one or two in order to search No Surprises.

The deck performed very well across both tournaments, and likely could have gone further at the Grand Champs piloted by a less out-of-practice player. At the charity event there was a single loss against Targ Rains due to a particularly poor start severely lacking in mil icons. The majority of other games that day were fairly straightforward, though that is likely due to the off-meta 'achievement' decks played by half the field.

I took the deck to the UK Grand Championships with a few tweaks, namely adding No Surprises and Smalljon Umber (previously The Bastard's Letter and an Umber Loyalist). I usually tutored No Surprises as a priority. It was crucial all day in both shutting down my opponents game plans and pushing through my other events (no more The Hand's Judgment or Risen from the Sea).

Favourite play of the day was in the final round of swiss against Florian's Drowned God deck - he got greedy round two playing Return to the Fields and leaving a lone, double duped Tarle the Thrice-Drowned on the board. Making me first player, I then proceeded to bring Meera Reed out of shadows first action, blanking Tarle. This was cancelled with Drowned God Fanatic, as Florian had 4 characters he was planning to marshal from the dead pile. I'd expected the Vince, baiting out the cancel and freeing me to Ramsay Snow away his Tarle. Florian played exceptionally well to get back into the game, and it was one of the best matches of the weekend.

The games from the UK GC cut should be on The White Walkers soon, but here is what I remember:

Top 16: Dan Mulchrone - NW/Wars - This was a slog against a builders deck with a few surprises up its sleeve. Ser Alliser Thorne caught me out turn one, stopping my Sea of Blood trigger. All three practice blades, two The Haunted Forest and two Abandoned Stronghold kept Dan in the game for a long time, Even though he never saw The Wall, I could not push power challenges through. This came down to the last challenge phase, where I finally won my first power challenge of the game after a blowout of his board - Ramsay Snow, Skagos, Ramsay Snow, You Win Or You Die, Winter Is Coming and Put to the Sword. I believe it ended 8-6 on time.

Top 8: Callum Gillespie - Bara/Alliance/Rose/Qohor - A turn one double Ramsay Snow wiped away his setup characters and a Winter Is Coming killed the two he replaced them with. From there I just kept the pressure up with Arya Stark and Put to the Swords taking out Robert and duped Nightsong. Put to the Torch repeatedly with Isle of Ravens destroyed his econ leaving him no easy route back into the game.

Top 4: Richard Walker - GJ/X - A very tight game, I had the upper hand early with Ramsay/Skagos/Ramsay wiping his duped Victarion Greyjoy and Maester Murenmure. He was able to build up his backboard over the next few plots and get back into the game after The First Snow of Winter reduced my character presence. I made a few mistakes during this match, forgetting to use No Surprises as my first pre-challenge action (during an Richard then took out Old Bill Bone). After my faction card was knelt by Old Bill I also disregarded my agenda completely, briefly forgetting I still get the event cost reduction (meaning I delayed a Put to the Sword until the next plot). Balon Greyjoy did solid work here taking Ramsay Snow from my discard pile to cut down my board, and a stolen Wyman Manderly provided more draw for Richard. In retrospect a crucial Put to the Sword on duped Balon Greyjoy should have been used on Alannys Greyjoy, she drew Richard approx ~10 cards over the last 3 plots and definitely gave him the fuel to take over the game. Very well played by the King of Swiss and a great game for me to end the tournament on.

Any questions about the deck please ask away. Going forward I'd consider swapping A Time for Wolves for A City Besieged.

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Stormborn 301

Congrats on another great run. I found it very difficult to play against this deck. Hopefully you will move onto something different for Blackwater.

hagarrr 579

Well done on another great finish in a big event! I think that missed PTTS opportunity was crucial at the time, I was very fortunate to get another turn to consolidate my position and push forward. It was a really fun game though and a pleasure to play you again!