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King Midas And His Silver 10

Thought I'd share a deck that's been working well for me on The Iron Throne. Nothing unusual going on here, just spaffing low cost characters onto the board, targeted killing a character or two and getting reset. Then repeating the above. Below are my thoughts on some of the cards.

She-Bear. Absolutely fantastic card, the tempo they offer is unbelievable in this deck. Are, of course, vulnerable to first snow, but they will help to repopulate afterwards. Best card in the deck, bar none.

Bearskin Cloak. Stealth is king in SoB. Stealth that can't be milked, nightmaresed etc. is even better. You will see enough Mormonts to make these these things worth it. You'll just have to trust me on this. Although I can tell you don't.

Last Hearth Scouts. As I said above, stealth is king, but it's no use if your opponent can put standing characters into play after you've initiated your challenge.

Fortified Position. Love this card. It's useful in a load of situations but the main reason it's in here is for stealthing past characters with printed stealth (using Bearskin Cloak or I Am No One) and getting that SoB trigger off. Also for turning off your opponent's intimidate for a round for the same reason. Other nic(h)e uses include stopping Arya or the Flayers wrecking your board, making Smalljon strong again and stopping the Umber Loyalist being a dick when he dies.

I Am No One. Surprise stealth is the key part here, though non-kneeling insight isn't too bad either. Probably the second most important card in the deck.

Bolton Flayers. Is there anything better than removing the rest of Hobb's fingers? Especially if he's duped. I mean sure, they can get a little, ahem, overenthusiastic on occasion and forget which side they are on. But who can honestly say they haven't made a mistake or two at work?

Arya. One of the most impactful text boxes in the game. Not entirely sure why it's on a two cost character but I'm happy that it is. If you play this deck please don't swap her for the core version. Please.

Political Disaster. Very important, as destroying your opponents econ stops them undoing your hard work (i.e. repopulating their board). Also GJ are spamming warships onto the board like they're going out of style.

Burning the Dead. Dear lord, desert raiders are a pain in the arse. Tbh this could probably be cut, but be warned, the instant you do this your next game will be Greyjoy Sun. Guaranteed.

The Kingsroad. Naval seems to be somewhat back and so fetching a Kingsroad with your At the Gates can be crucial to avoiding being wrecked on your first turn.

Ice. Means you can still get value out of your military challenge even if you can't trigger SoB for some reason.

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