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Neoptolemos 593

Hey, today I have some hilarious deck built to abuse some underplayed, but funny cards + test some new Bara stuff. It performs quite well - definitely I wouldn't consider it t1 or even t2 deck, but it's funny, quite stabilized and synergies are working well. What is especially nice:

  • Siege Preparations, definitely not a jank card, always brings at least 4 cards (often 5-6). I like it way better than both Coppers and Ranger's Cache and despite I lack some NW tricks, it's just great draw plot. Also there is nice trick to overdraw with Wily Smuggler (although you have to discard a card then). Wily Smuggler is also awesome when he hides your crucial card during challenge
  • Marya Seaworth and Khorane Sathmantes, two good cards which lacked stealth and warships, really loooove Lyseni Galleys. Try it!
  • Salladhor Saan (FotS) is just as good as everyone expected. But - this deck easily triggers him every round
  • Maiden's Bane is waaay too OP. Disgusting in GJ, here is even more awesome, as even Valyrian's Crew may become a Fleet Captain. Nothing nearly as strong as Asha, but hey, how much cooler! And Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR) loves to sail both Maiden's Bane and 1 of Galleys
  • I would love to add Naval Superiority just for art & thematic reasons, but I dislike playing it in online games (where I've tested this deck) due to increasing amount of ragequits. But I think 1 Trade Routes are cuttable

To sum up, it's one of most entertaining decks I've played lately and definitely most beatiful, as I love all these marinistic artworks. Play and enjoy!

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Infidus 1


It's a really fun deck :) Just switched one plot for more income