Empty table deck v2.99 adn 3/4

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Empty table fun V.2 4 4 1 2.0
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brda88 63

The idea of ​​the deck is not mine. This is a modification of Shapyro's deck.

No need to put a lot of characters on the table. Usually, at the beginning of the challenge phase you will have one character, and possibly no one. Characters will come out with the help of harrenhall, flea bottom or out of shadow. Try to clean the table from the enemy characters, for this there are boltons, on the wall, poison coins, zombie mountain. There are a lot of funny tricks in the deck. Appearing and disappearing characters, unexpected clearing the table and more.

I usually start with the first snows, expose more economic locations. Next, I control the table and if everything goes well, go to a 4-5 turn into an active counterattack.

The deck is not strong, but fun

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