Hands of Gold are always cold

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Mog 62

This deck made 5-2 in Late Summer Feast. Win : Lannister KoSh 2x Stark Fealty Baratheon Assault Greyjoy Sun

Loss: Tyrell KoSh (I loss on a misread card by one power) Stark Crossing Greyjoy Crossing (in barrage match)

"Hands of Gold" are not necessary. I wanted to try it but I think I've never played them. Tithe Collector and Doubting Septa got me at least 2 games.

The Red Wedding is awesome against Stark and Greyjoy if you can pass it obviously.

The deck has a lot of room for improvement. Ideas and criticism are welcome.

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Reader 137

5-2 is very respectable for Lannister Rains at this point. Good form Ser. I'm still a fan of Tyrion's Chain with Heads (included here) and Forced March. Maybe thats the card to bring in for HoG?

Whites4 101

Ser Pounce seems a natural fit here? Especially with Casterly Rock and so many win intrigue by 5 effects. Maybe cutting 1-2 HoG for Pounce?

Mog 62

@Whites4I tried it yesterday with 2 Ser Pounce and a third Tithe Collector. It was really great.

genror 1

@Mog did you drop anything for those or just add them in?