Greyjoy Rose: Captain Power

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scantrell24 3255

First draft. Spend the first 2-3 turns getting setup and weathering whatever your opponent is doing, then jump 8-12 power at once with non-kneeling renown Captains in multiple power challenges.

Potential cards:

Coordinated Attack

Clash of Kings

Fortified Position

The King in the North + King of Salt and Rock

Vanquish the Unbelievers (Captain)

Old Grey Gull + Acolyte

Emissary of the Hightower

Begging Brother

Knight of Summer + Summer plots + LSR

The Knight

Varamyr Sixskins

New Euron + Silence

Core Euron

Victarion (MoD)

Iron Gate


Grey Ghost + Raiding Longship

Superior Claim

Risen from the Sea

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