Seen in Flames recursion is quite good

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Seen in Flames recursion is quite good 1 1 0 1.0

badass_bard 20

This deck is anything but refined right now!

It`s just a funny idea I had and this is how the deck looks now after a couple of test games.

The idea is to put pressure on the opponent through both military challenges and the threat of Put to the Sword and/or searching for Public Execution and using it through Forced March or Duel in the following round as well as him constantly losing his best cards because of Ghost of High Heart, Queen's Men, Red Priest and of course Seen in Flames.

The latter - as the clickbait title implies - can also be recursed through Isle of Ravens which even though Seen in Flames is a challenge action is still quite powerful from my experience.

Queen's Men might seem strange out of a Non-Banner-Baratheon-Deck and it is admittedly. We do play a lot of neutral Characters that we don't mind to much to kneel for the effect, though.

The deck also has a light Knight subtheme which was at least serviceable so far.

Young Spearwife because the deck is really thirsting for Stealth effects and I will take anything I can get.

Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

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jehamric 1

Hello, I love the main deck theme! The knight theme is okay, but isn't a game changer. It might be better to focus a bit more on kneel and stealth. For example, with the amount of R'hllor cards in your deck, I recommend including 3x Kneel Melisandre, and exchanging 3x Lem and 1x Syrio for 1x Lem and 3x Syrio. Queen's Men is a tough call, because hand knowledge is never bad, whether you discard or not. Maybe consider 1 or 2x Acolyte of the Flame for additional R'hllor and pwr icons in exchange of one or more Queen's Men, and maybe add another Ghost of High Heart. Events are great; the exact number of each might vary after more testing, but I like the general idea. Not sure if there is room for Privileged Position or Hand's Judgement, but I never regret having those with Bara. Also, 2x Hollow Hill location is a must, me thinks. If you're struggling to cut enough cards, consider going with 2x Hunting Accident. I hope this helps.

badass_bard 20

@jehamric Thx for the input, will try it out.

badass_bard 20

Changed the deck a bit thx to @jehamrics suggestions and it seems to work a bit better now

Here's the updated list:

jehamric 1

Glad to hear it. Again, nice deck idea!