Stark Fealty - No Surprises (Top 16 and best Stark at Euros)

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Stark Fealty - For the Old Gods - Top 16 in War of the Faith 31 19 13 1.0
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KairiK 33

So, this is the deck that got me to Top 16 at Euros. It was inspired by the winter deck Johannes played in War of the Faiths this March.

As it turned out, it works like a charm against Lannister - Kingdom of Shadows as long as you don't take renown on characters and dig for No Surprises. Otherwise, it's usually a quite stable deck with lots of tricks and ways to adjust your strategy to your opponent. For me the key piece is Skagos and I really love As Hard as Winter. In hindsight, as Greyjoys dominanted the meta at Euros, Valar Dohaeris might have been a better choice over Valar Morghulis.

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Ansaer 19

Congrats for your result! Why Jon Snow (WotW)?

KairiK 33

@Ansaer Backup sacrifice-at-will card, in case I don't get Wyman or Skagos. It happens sometimes :)

mak 35

Congrats @KairiK Oh! Nice tricks with As Hard as Winter! Any bad matchups against The First Snow of Winter?