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Hello friends, I'm here with more shitty deck choices! If you truly hate yourself and want to share such feeling with everyone you play with, look no more. Here we are giving you one more Martell deck you can play with your group. I wanted to play another Martell deck for nationals but with the rise of Starks and Greyjoys, the regular location heavy Martell deck is unplayable in the current format. Especially with the loss of Ward, Flea Bottom, and Dorne as restricted cards. I decided to go with a more toned towards Greyjoy version to nationals this year, let me just talk about my card choices real quick:

plots: At the Gates: Best econ plot atm, getting out a Gate of the Moon means I start with +4 gold without the need to set up econ(which I normally do anyway).

Manning the City Walls / City of Spiders: Key plots of the deck, getting out a 6 drop army can really swing the game, especially Stark and Greyjoy are relatively weak on defending high strength intrigue challenges. City of Spiders is just a second copy of Manning with +6 incitive.

Forgotten Plans: Meant to catch "Barring the Gates", but no one brought it. Looking back, this should be a Duel, would make the Stark match up much easier.

The First Snow of Winter: Here to combat Stark and Greyjoy, the current Greyjoy lists play tons of 2 drops and the family, with this plot you can easily make them lose half the field then follow up with a Marched. Stark has more 4-5 drops, but normally this is a safer choice if you think they are going to play Return to the Fields next turn.

Valar Morghulis/March to the Wall: YEET.YEET.Big Mood.

draw: Aegon Targaryen: Probably the best card to bring out of the shadows during turn 1-2 when you are going first. Host of the Boneway is really good, he can also bring you 3 cards later. Also super important for the Manning the City Walls you are going to play next turn.

Arianne Martell: Second best card during mid-late game. This deck wants to keep the board small, so icon control become super strong. The stealth on power icon also gave me a lot of unopposed power challenges.

Catspaw: When it only costs you 2+x to bounce a character that cost x, it's almost good enough. I have been bouncing a lot of 3-4 droppers, and almost bounce a Balon with a dup in hand, but got got by a top deck Vince.

Dornish Spy: Make your set up/ Iron Bank turn a little better, mostly just here as a 3 for 3 bi-con with random jump.

Jon Connington: I chose him instead of The Knight of FLowers as my renown big boi. The Knight of Flower doesn't really have great trigger timing, and just as fragile as Jon. The burst of econ and board presence Jon gives you is unmatched.

Shrewd Diplomat: This deck almost never care about MIL and INT challenges, she is just there to bounce their thrid challenge or stop Greyjoy prince triggers. She has been doing really well this weekend, the two different way to enter challenge is also very important.

Southeron Messenger: A very nice one of, can easily come down and super swingy. Gold is never a real problem and your opponent almost never expect it.

Starfall Spy: A little too weak on the strength side to win things, quite nice to sneak in some unopposed ones. Not super important due to us already have nice econ.

Secret Pact: Many of you have been got by this by the Drowned God decks, this card for slow decks is just amazing. Especially locking big renown characters. I have been ambushing this card more often than I thought I would, you are allowed to play the game if you are forced to go first. Crappy Craven is still Craven. It also has enabled me to snipe some Wymans and Ashas with my Varys.

The Shadow City: The real reason to play Martell Shadows. I have not lost a game if I had this card before turn 3. It gives you 2-3 gold per round and allows you to refill your hand with cards that don't impact the game(or dead Ariannes). Card is really good and we can protect it quite easily.

He Calls It Thinking: Would you think about that. My favorite meta call this weekend. It is super effective against Risen From the Sea during plot phase, or No Surpises and We Do Not Sow during challenge. It hits so many things, and people really don't keep thing about this card at all.

The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due: So good. So amazingly good. You can do so much with this card, maybe bounce an army from Aegon so you can bring out the Castle Guard to reset and reuse Aegon, or just swap your Starfall Cavalry for a Host of the Boneway. Not to mention the random ambush it allows you to do. Play this card more often friends.

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若毘林 7

god of jiji is the best!

Badrach 3

What do you think of adding Flea bottom? It synergizes well with the cost of most characters and the shadow city.