The Conversion of Walder Frey

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ChrisChris 950

I use to think that the problem with The Brotherhood Without Banners was its reaction to the challenges phase beginning. For the exorbitant cost of a faction card kneel and no loyal characters in your deck, you gave a single character a single keyword and your opponent plenty of time to play around them. But no. That was a problem, but even if you could pop intimidate upon Rattleshirt after defenders were declared, it was still only a single use of that keyword. The opportunity cost just wasn't worth it.

So I cast my net wider. How could I get enough use out of that keyword to make losing Catelyn or Drogo or Cersei worth it? Two options presented themselves. The first? Houses Targaryen and Tyrell. They offered plenty of stand to make further use of that keyword. The second? House Frey. Slap that keyword on a Frey and you could drag them into a whole heap of challenges through Walder. But it was clunky. There was stand, but there were too many pieces. Walder could be knelt before challenges. Walder could be burned. Once again my dreams of a deck without loyal characters would have to be shelved.

Then a story was told of a hero who wielded a sword tempered in the heart of his wife, and a prophecy was made of that man's return, a man who would stand against the darkness. I submit unto you that Walder Frey is that man, that hero, that legend.

Anyway, this deck doesn't rely upon standing Walder to get full use from the Brotherhood keyword. It relies upon the fact that Azor Ahai Reborn, like Walder Frey and his relationship with his offspring, doesn't require the associated character to be standing. Go ahead. Kneel Walder and his kin to Forced March or to trigger Queen's Men. They still stand with R'hllor in spirit.

Now you have a toolbox agenda and the multiplier to make it work. Ready to rush the game out? Slap renown on that other Frey and rack up six power in winning challenges between him and Walder. Red God's Blessing and intimidate will make your opponent's board quake in fear. Get ready for the reset with insight. So many choices. Maybe not stealth so much, but three out of four is pretty great.


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teamjimby 1836

I tinkered with a very similar deck for a while and it can be so much fun. My record was 9 power via renown in one phase. My plots were a bit different, but probably 45-50 cards from the draw deck were identical. The one big change that I think you should consider is 3x Stormlands Fiefdom. They make it a lot easier to activate Disputed Claim and King's Gate, and are able to protect a lot of the power that accumulates on your Frey chuds.

Some other good characters I've enjoyed in Bara Brotherhood are Varamyr Sixskins and Bronze Yohn Royce. Royce is especially good if you are opening At the Gates and Gates of the Moon.

ChrisChris 950

Sounds cool. I like your thinking.