Bara/NW (4/16 Winter Kit - Portsmouth, UK)

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vexien 723

If they dont kneel, hide behind the wall instead

Decklist I used for winter gamesday at Fistful of Dice in Portsmouth, UK. Inspired by Dydras great builders list.


  • Round 1 - Lanni/Tyrell- Loss
  • Round 2 - Targ Fealty - Win
  • Round 3 - Tyrell/Greyjoy - Win
  • Round 4 - Greyjoy Fealty - Win

I tried to treat this as something similar to bara fealty, but with an alternative win condition of getting the wall out and keeping my opponent at bay while I pull power from it. Turn 1 was almost always a Here to Serve into Maester Aemon to handle military claim, then the rest would depend on whether I had pulled melisandre or the wall. Losing either melisandre or aemon without having a strong field set up was often painful, and was what caused me to lose round 1 after she got put to the sword quite early.

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HidaHayabusa 73

Although I love Confiscation and Jousting Contest, doesn’t the lack of high gold Plots hurt your character-base? The costs are quite high on the characters, and I think that without Noble Cause/Calling the Banners or even Feast for Crows, you will be struggling to play more than one card per turn, provided that your events also cost money and you are quite heavy on locations.

Another thing is that during my games with a similar Baratheon/Night’s watch, I found that one of the best cards to have around is the Ranging Party, which is just huge and cost efficient. To be honest, if you get the Red Keep engine going, you won’t be needing extra draws from Littlefinger, so maybe you could see if it’s worth replacing.

vexien 723

I didnt have too much problem with getting characters out, as the only characters above 5 gold I have are Robert and Stannis. True that I was often getting not much more than one or two characters out per turn, but I was rarely losing any characters due to maester aemon so my board presence didnt suffer. Events were a different matter, keeping one gold for consolidation or seen in flames was a lot easier than 2 for ours is the fury, so ill probably be looking to drop it for something. Also looking to change Confiscation to Feast for Crows, as it didnt help me too much in the way the deck played

I agree with dropping littlefinger as red keep does fix the draw, and will probably take your suggestion for ranging party.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ryan4815 1254

Hey. I was the guy you played in round one, sorry for the quick kill of Mel (she just had to go!). Nice list, there are a few things I would change.

I agree with the above post that Confiscation and Jousting Contest aren’t quite doing enough for you. I have a similar deck, and in those two slots I’m running Feast for Crows and Fortified Position. The attachments you should be able to handle using Cressen (which conveniently you can always use Here to Serve on - giving you a better version of Confiscation). The increased gold and power gain of Feast helps the deck considerably. Fortified is probably not ideal for your deck as long as you run Stannis in addition to Mel (personally I think he harms you more often that not so I’d drop him). Once the second pack hits, the Baratheon plot and can easily fit into that slot.

The new event In The Name of Your King! can replace Ours is the Fury in some capacity. Finally, I think your running one too many Littlefinger’s and one too many limited cards (I’d drop one of the Dragonstone Ports).

Thanks for attending our event, it was great to meet you and the rest of the new players. Hopefully we’ll see you at the SC!