Hod Bowels - Midrange Shadow - Counter your Counters

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Benji 758

Midrange version of Lannister Shadow. The initial build was given to me after discussing about the state-of-the-art point of Shadow decks : the hole point is to counter the Shadow counters since Shadow is polarized. I adjusted what I was given according to what I was looking for.

I will not bother about making long and detailed explanations because I'll assume everyone is now knowledgeable about Lannister Shadow and can understand straightforward the choices, and anyway you can check the basis here : https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/13187/lions-bouncing-from-shadows-lannister-kosw-c5-trade-route-1.0

Low table presence -> I can spam low cost characters T1

Shadow counter T3 -> Forgotten Plans

Barring the Gates -> I play normally by avoiding KoSw drawback, no need of this Nefarious Acolyte who is a losing choice anyway because he costs 4.

KitN -> FPlans + Tommen x3 because Cersei makes him good. No space for Joffrey 7 because he is not good enough.

Lancel x3 -> Second Tywin, if he lost his STR there is still bonus STR.

Pinch, Guildhall, Tunnels x2 because they are finishers you need in x1. No need to generate more dead card, Gold Mines will not recycle everything.

Regen't Guard x1 to fill with a recycling / absorb claim. Can change for Bodyguard / Seal of the Hand.

Varys x2 because it seems to be the correct number of copy.

OBB x3 because I do not have a lot of good shadow cards, therefore I take the one shutting down agendas.

Goldroad > Western Fiefdoms because the last is not reliable, and you counter less well Political if you do not play Goldroad.

FSoW -> When you have nothing, take the thing doing something.

Close Call -> I like flexibility, what can I say ?

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