Tyrell Lion Mill

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scantrell24 3230


Milk/Nightmares on Retinue makes Guile fall off

Citadel Archivist (can be cancelled by Begging Brother or Guild Hall)

King Plot (Tommen)

Barring the Gates (Nefarious Acolyte)

Lack of military icons (My Mind Is My Weapon & Syrio)

Faction kneel (conflict between Clever Feint and Arbor Red)

Potential Cards:

Political Disaster (with only 3x Gate of Gods, 3x Redwyne, 3x Arbor, 3x Shield Islands)

Forgotten Plans

Grand Melee

Withering Cold

Fortified Position

King's Landing Riot

Your King Commands It

Time of Plenty

Burned Men


Brother Madame

Maester at the Rock

Left & Right

Lem Lemoncloak

Lazy Leo

The Queen of Thorns (HoT)

Tyrion Lannister (Core)

Glass Candle

The Iron Throne (LMHR)


Without His Beard

Hand's Judgment

Bounty of Highgarden

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