1st Place Thronestoberfest 2019

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Q'hllor 2: Return of the Kings - Polish Grand Champ (8-1) 26 15 14 2.0
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Stahleck - Top Bara 8-2 Top 32 8 3 7 1.0
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celric 404

Grats on the win for you and your team.

Did you ever find yourself swapping out of Azor or were Seal and Ruby, just to swap into Azor?

Euro Bruh 90

@celric thanks man! Great question. Semi-final against targ sea of blood I had Azor Stannis. Had to kneel most of my board to block the mil challenge and only had selyse left to attack back for intrigue. Qohor with intrigue switched a hunting accident for a lightbringer on stannis which stood him. Swung power with him, switched to a seal of the hand to stand him, swung mil and switched back to azor. Gained 7 power that turn and closed the following.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

I think your comment contains an error because if Stannis Baratheon (FotS) was bowed and you changed out Hunting Accident for Lightbringer how did he gain power if he was not participating unless you had Azor Ahai Reborn already on him and switched that out for lightbringer. That would make more sense.

Kakita_Rinsei 23

Also if that was the case you would have lost 1 gold value in the exchange not allowing for a switch back to Azor Ahai Reborn. As the switch from Azor Ahai Reborn to Lightbringer would be 1 less gold and would not allow for the exchange to Seal of the Hand as it is 3 cost versus Lightbringer's 2 cost.

Neoptolemos 593

He already had Azor on Stannis, exchanged it for Seal and back for Azor ;)

Euro Bruh 90

What Neoptolemos said

Kakita_Rinsei 23

still makes no sense as Azor Ahai Reborn would have allowed stannis to participate without having to kneel. I must be missing something. Its okay though I get the gist of what took place, just cant make sense of his explanation. All good though.

Euro Bruh 90

Stannis knelt on defense to prevent sea of blood. Then used qohor to fetch light bringer to stand him. Then azor to seal for two challenges back to azor.

hechtlinger 32

Few of the games are recorded at: www.twitch.tv

The play Andras is talking about happens around 3:21:00.

Deck big difference in comparison to Hanno's Polish Grand Champ deck is the addition of heir to the iron throne. This really helps to get Azor Bob/Stannis on T1. Setup of Shyra/Shireen + whatever & having 3g attachment in hand almost guarantee Azor king at marshaling.

Our main goal was to get the Azor king as fast and reliable as possible. Once we started testing with Heir + LSF that turned out to be the best solution. Once the Azor king hit the table it's usually a game.

VS Targ & SoB - Azor Stannis is great. VS the rest - Bob Azor is SOOOO fast.

Novosignum 7

I'm with you kakita. selyse having stannis be participating for light bringer to give renown power/stand would require azor being attached but he states it was; hunting 3g > lightbringer 2g > seal 3g... how? > azor

Odrl 103

He said twice that Azor Ahai Reborn was already attached to Stannis before the start of the sequence, didn't he? :) Here is how it happened:

  1. Azor Ahai Reborn was attached to Stannis and there was also a Hunting Accident on the board. Stannis defended military to prevent the Sea of Blood trigger.
  2. Selyse attacked on intrigue, with Stannis participating because of Azor Ahai Reborn. Trading with Qohor was used to switch Hunting Accident for Lightbringer, which allowed Stannis to stand when he gained power for renown.
  3. Stannis attacked on power, Trading with Qohor was used to switch Azor Ahai Reborn with Seal of the Hand.
  4. Seal of the Hand was used to stand Stannis. He then attacked on military, and Trading with Qohor was used to switch Seal of the Hand back to Azor Ahai Reborn.

Euro Bruh 90