A Deck Has No Name - Top 16 at Thronestoberfest

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Ebrey 147

This deck made top 16 out of 80 at Thronestoberfest, the only non-Crossing Stark deck to make the cut. It beat the eventual winner and was never completely out of any of its games. It's primarily a minicurve deck relying on the utterly ridiculous power of Passing the Black Gate, combined with a surprisingly powerful agenda that can either make a lot of money or draw a lot of cards. She-Bears are also extremely good in this deck to help spam the board and then get sacrificed by Wyman or Return to the Fields if you need cards or expect a reset.

Due to the lack of Great Hall, I had to be very picky with which 6 costers I included. Wyman is a must, partly because he's just so good, but also because he helps you recycle your cheap attachments by sacing chuds. Maege is worth a 1 of because she can be found with Bear Island Scout, and Robb is a 3 of because of his synergy with Wyman. Eddard has great synergy with Wolf King, Seal, and Malleon's Tome (which would be included if he was in the deck), but I found the deck was too expensive when he was in it. If you want to include Edd, I think you either need to cut Robb or add Pentoshi.

The plots focus on situational utility rather than economy, besides At the Gates:

-Expose Duplicity: great in the shadows matchup, but often hits 1 or 2 things in other matchups. Not a MVP, but I don't regret it.

-Political Disaster: this was great in the majority of matchups. Attachment heavy decks like Qohor and VS generally don't need a lot of locations.

-Return to the Fields: this is great after spamming out a million characters with Passing the Black Gate, to ensure you have plenty of cards and gold to continue dominating the board.

-A Time For Wolves: this was great to grab Summer, often letting me recycle a Bear Island Scout for more Mormonts. It's also very nice for getting Nymeria, either because I have a good board state and want to kneel out my opponent's board, or because my opponent played Barring the Gates / King in the North and I can't use Summer.

-Heir to the Iron Throne is generally an auto include in Stark, though it's slightly less reliable in 75 card decks. Not a MVP here, but I wouldn't cut it.

-Valar Morghulis was the reset, and generally the one I'm more confident with. I didn't use it a ton though.

Deck feedback was provided by James Waumsley, Richard Walker, Benji Jones, and Alejandro Pantoja, with Benji taking a less minicurve version of the deck to the tournament.

Game Log: Round 1 vs Jessica Thompson on Martell Valyrian Steel. Always fun to play Jess! PD is good against Martell, and I was generally in the lead in this match.

Round 2 vs Mira Byrd on Targ Stag Qohor. I've played against Mira a lot, and this was a close one. We both had huge boards with little incentive to reset due to a lack of dupes on both sides. Going into the final plot (due to time), Mira used Hollow Hill to find a Knight of Flowers. This was key, as she had not many cards in hand and no duped char, so I definitely would've VMed had she not. I ended up getting to 13 power on the last turn and losing.

Round 3 vs Jake Platt on Targ HRD Meereen. I was a bit worried when Platt ambushed out Qotho and Missandei early for free, but Siezed by the Guard on Meereen was really good. I even had a complete whiff on Heir to the Iron Throne and still won!

Round 4 vs Owen Barron on GJ Qohor. My first opponent I hadn't played before! I think I got an early Passing the Black Gate or something, because I generally dominated the board in this match.

Round 5 vs Alex Buganski on NW Rose Qohor. I used to play a lot of NW Rose Qohor, so I knew the deck well. Whoever goes first and intimidates out the other person's board generally wins, and luckily I often got to go first, and had both Greatjon and a Nymeria on Cat. There were several turns in a row Alex didn't get to make a single challenge.

Round 6 vs Colt Humbert on Lanni Rose. FML, my 75 card deck got milled. The main mistake I made here was discarding Maege and Robb early because his Dragon's Tails put me way over reserve. My logic was that with so many cards, I wanted to spam out a bunch of cheap chars instead of playing one big guy, but renown is super important in this matchup. I eventually got a Robb out that I could use multiple times due to Northern Armories, but Colt immediately milked him, so I couldn't close before getting milled.

Round 7 vs Andras Fulop on Bara Qohor. Andras eventually won the whole tournament, and this was my toughest win! He was at 11 power at the end of turn 2 because of Fast Bob and a Melisandre with Disputed Claim giving her renown. He then played YWOYD and I thought I had lost. However, the sheer power of Passing the Black Gate and She-Bear let me put out so many characters that he was unable to win a single challenge. I then counterattacked and to my surprise he claimed Bob for MIL claim, moving his power to his faction card with Shyra Errol. This signaled that he was going to reset, so I played Return to the Fields into his VD was able to maintain a better board for the rest of the game. After the game, he said that he forgot to trigger Mel on his YWOYD turn, which might have let him close.

Cut top 32: Talia Dean on Tyrell Rains. Twitch video was split into 2: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/497233145 and https://www.twitch.tv/videos/497242567 . Turn 1 she marshals Tinder Marge (AMAF), but I have the milk. I also PD away a lot of her locations. I had a very good position for the second half of this game.

Top 16: Aneil Seethram on Greyjoy Lion. Twitch video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/497242567?t=0h41m45s . This was my closest and most exciting loss! I had both very good and very bad luck in this game. He's playing a big guys deck with Great Hall, and I find Greatjon early and hope to intimidate out his dudes. Unfortunately, I don't find any Aryas, Alysanes, I Am No Ones, Bear Island Scouts, or Bearskin Cloaks, so I'm not able to stealth enough big dudes to actually win a challenge with Greatjon, so Aneil defends with Asha and triggers her on defense, allowing him to continue finding more big dudes. On the other hand, I do topdeck Wolf King on his KITN turn. Eventually he plays YWOYD and makes a big challenge with 3 renown chars, 5 pillage chars, Corpse lake, and King of Salt and Rock, stealthing past Catelyn Stark. I have Wyman, so I start saccing chars to try to find an out and draw into Siezed by the Guard. This is the second best out I have after drawing Blood of the First Men, which would let me include Cat in the challenge. I don't finish saccing as many chars as possible, which is dumb, but instead put Siezed on Corpse Lake which I think will win me the game. He ends up pillaging 2 locations, which is exactly enough for him to win with just King of Salt and Rock! Had he missed, I would probablhy have won on the counterattack.

3 comentarios

celric 404

Great finish and great write up. Really enjoyed playing and talking about this deck with you!

mouchliazo 85

Congrats on the performance! Couple of questions: How come you didn't include the Grey Wind attachment? I think it gains a lot from the agenda ambush, and basically makes Wyman win lots of unopposed challenges.

Also, I think Mira was on Tyrell rather than Targ, right?

Kakita_Rinsei 23

In the game where the guys are playing stark(val) vs Greyjoy/lion the greyjoy player did not pay 2 gold for the maester, which would have changed the game dramatically. I watched it 5 times. He played for Balon then duped him. He played king of rock and salt then a dupe on corpse lake. Then played orkmont reaver. Leaving 2 gold that he picked up to play maester kerwin but dropped both gold. 1 was returned to the bank the other was placed by his plot. Allowing him to treachery and reach threshold for orkmont. Sorry you missed this as you would have won that game.