Take the black...in the back - TOP16@Stahleck 2019

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audioslavexxx 121

Hey everyone!

I'm Francesco Folladori also known as audioslavexxx on TheIronThrone.

This is the deck with which I made Top16 at Tourney of Stahleck 2019 (294 players).

Link here:

  • Round 1 vs. Ruth – Greyjoy Fealty – Win.
  • Round 2 vs. Viktor Edström – Greyjoy Alliance – Win.
  • Round 3 vs. Isian Hasmuja – Night's Watch Valyrian Steel – Lost.
  • Round 4 vs. Marcus Fröjdman – Targaryen Knights of the Hollow Hill – Win.
  • Round 5 vs. Hannes Felsberg – Night's Watch Kings of Summer – Win.
  • Round 6 vs. MartellDePoitiers – Targaryen Sea of Blood – Win.
  • Round 7 vs. Chris Meeuwsen – Stark Valyrian Steel – Win.
  • Round 8 vs. Werner Wißpeintner – Tyrell Kingdom of Shadows – Lost.
  • Top 64 vs. Vojta Kubicina – Tyrell Banner of the Dragon – Win.
  • Top 32 vs. Jaino Ballesteros – Night's Watch Kings of Summer – Win.
  • Top 16 vs. Estupe – Night's Watch Valyrian Steel – Lost.

Thanks to all of my opponents, always correct and kindly.

Thanks to all my friend at the castle for the playtest of the last days.

Finally, thanks to my deckbuilding and playtesting group.

Feel free to ask, I will reply as soon as possible.


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celric 399

What was the problem with NW VS? Were you not able to win by 5 or not able to Bound/Put enough?

audioslavexxx 121

Hi @celric! Honestly, there aren't problem against NW Valyrian. In the first defeat against Isian, my deck didn't perform as usual so the problem hasn't been the match up. In Top16 the problem has been an insane start of my opponent: setup with Benjen equipped with Dragonglass Dagger plus Maester Mullin and a 0 cost attachment. Then, he put in play Halder with Practice Blade and the Wall. Endgame :-)