House of Pain 2.0 A Targ HH Deck Twice in TOP 32 Stahleck 19

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alextrigw 230

Hello everyone!

This is the deck Tasos (imrik) and me played in the 2019 Stahleck Joust event. We both made 6-2 and ended up in 24th and 14th place respectivly, I also played a version of this deck in the Second Sons Invitational losing in the EU Final again JCWamma. Before I go into details about games I will explain the idea of the deck and some general informations and tricks about it. This deck is based on the way Targaryen HH decks was played in 1.0. Jumpers, Character resets, Location hate, a bit of burn and no draw! Control Decks like Martel and Targ face the problem that they need to have both a good economy late game and a stable draw engine. This is very hard to build in a meta where Sea of Blood, Political Disaster and Rush decks are everywhere! In the first version of the deck i was playing with Meereen, Blood of the Dragon, Dragons and Deany but i soon realized that the economy provided by HH wasn't enough to sustain the burn. In addition when i didn't see Meereen or it got controled i had a serious problem. I ended up removing everything burn related except Drogon, Crown and Consuming Flames which all work alone and are always helpfull. I added more and more Bloodriders seeing the Claim 2 they can provide with the Raiding Khalasar is putting lots of pressure on the opponents board every round. Same goes for Intimidate, Viserion, Cohollo and Rakharo have all been amazing. After some more testing I realized i need Varys in order to have another reset other than Valar which most people won't expect. Adding 2x Last Giants, Mag and Jaquen worked really good. In many games an Unexpected Return Varys or Jaquen instantly won me the game. The milks where also a late addition for the stark kneel army, begging brothers, rickon and bran. They worked quite good whole day and saved me from some bad situations. Same goes for 2x Iron Throne, 1x Lay siege and 1x Put to the Torch. Since you usually only see the first 20 cards of your deck it's very important that all cards are high impact and work well with each other. So about the strategy of the deck. Keep setups with Qotho, Drogon, Aegon or Viserion. Having Freedmen or Missandei is an added bonus but not a must. Against Wall decks or Shadows the Iron Thronse is worth mulliganing for. I always start with FSOW followed by MTTW, YWOYD or FM. The idea is pretty simple. No other deck can build up so much pressure with so few cards and no economy. Cards like Blood of My Blood, The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due help to get more chars on the board in round 1 and 2. Once you get the board a Return to the Fields or a Political Disaster win you the game by making it impossible for the opponent to make a come back. Now about what I remember from the games (which isn't that much):

  1. VS Albert Lorenzo Targaryen HOD Meereen

This was good game, Albert being a skilled Targ player and a very nice guy. We played 8 plots both had a good board but he didn't have Raiding Khalasars to bring with Aegon, I was winning initiative every round htting him with double claim military challenges and 2x intimidate in intrigue or power. He drew nearly all his deck but my PD crippled his economy in the end and gave me the win. I also triggered Rhaenys's Hill to get his Khal for 4 unops and power claim on his valar turn.

  1. VS Thanos Kotsikas NW Valyrian Steel

Having beaten Tamas, Jacob and Lennart in the Second Sons Invitational all with NW i was very sure this would be a walk in the park for me. After Thanos having 4 chars on the board after FSOW hit, him getting a Begging Brother and Spare Boots in my Varys, Milk of the Poppy turn, playing his deck perfectly forseeing my every move and me making 2 strategic mistakes I was taught a humbling lesson and got completely beaten!

  1. VS Daniel Göbl NW Sea of Blood

My meta m8 Daniel and me are good friends and knew each others decks well and had faced each other again in the Stahleck Swiss 2013 where i had lost. This time I wanted to get revenge and after a hard battle I managed to get the win. Memorable moments where him killing my Drogon round 1 with the ranger kill in military challenge event and me stealing his 6 str shadows army with my Daario Naharis. It was a good game but i managed to stop his military challenges which gave me the win!

  1. VS Tomasz Buda Tyrell Banner Dragon

All I will say about this match is that round 2 he had double duped Renly with bodyguard and crown. It took me 1 double claim military, 1 triple claim military and a Varys to finally March him and get the upper hand. I managed to come out on top although it was quite close with him getting a Randyl last round with stand attachment.

  1. VS Dennis Luke Stark Crossing

Dennis played an amazing Stark Crossing decks abusing Mormonts and only playing cheap characters. His deck was very fast but my FSOW and Consuming Flames gave me the upper hand. He didn't see No surpise and didn't play Bran in a crucial situation which gave me the win.

  1. VS Wiewior Baratheon Wars to Come

Me and Wiewior have played a lot of games online but he got a week setup and my FSOW wiped his board. I got good pillages of my armies and he never got to marshall Mel, Bob or Stannis. I always had a bigger board but he always oposed and never grabed power so the game went on quite long. Luckily he didn't manage to come back with some of his big guys so I managed to arrive at 15.

  1. VS Lady Eliz

After beating Dennis I thought i had this easily but a double duped Manderly round 1 and a duped big Cait round 3 tought me better. I varysed round one to be able to march Manderly but crossing+superior claim gave him a lot of power. Although i had a plan and a good board i never managed to get ahead and simply lost round 3. I don't think I could have won this game and Lady Eliz played the deck to perfection.

  1. VS Sirvo Luiga NW Sea of Blood

I was quite lucky here with Sirvo having a weak setup vs TFSOW and me getting everything. Qotho, Missandei, Aegon, Blood of my Blood and Iron Bank. FSOW wiped his board and he never managed to get back to the game. I also discarded his +2 Gold with Lay Siege round 2 which hurt his economy.

I had to play one more round due to SoS to get to Top 32. This game was live on twitch and if it gets uploaded I would really recommond you guys watching it since it was quite epic.

Top 64 VS Atanas Keranov Stark HH

Going into this match I more or less knew what to expect and my strategy was to try to rush early since it would probably go to time. He got 2 Harrenhals which put him ahead early but I got my Iron Throne, 2 Milks and I hit my Return to the Fields on his Valar and managed to swing back giving me a big lead arriving at plot 7 on my Valar. Atanas knew what he was doing and was a very fast player like myself so my first strategy was not going to work as I planned going into plot 8 we still had lots of time. He took the lead again and his last Begging Brother was making it impossible for me to take control of the board. I played my YWOYD marshalled a Freedmen and declared Intrigue. Although he was wining he took the bait, defended with Begging Brother, I used my Consuming Flames and in Dominance TLotG Varys. That gave me the win! Atanas played an amazing deck which I hope he will share and this was def the best game of the day for me.

Top 32 VS Faan Langelaan Greyjoy Alliance Qohor Dragon

Faan is a great guy and we had a close game. He drew into a bad Mulligan with 3 small chars which gave me the board and a good starting point. I was afraid of his resets so I didn't overextend my board. He never managed to play a big char the first 3 turns but a duped Theon with intrigue icon stand on his YWOYD turn brought him back into the game. I had Drogon and Iron Throne so i managed to kill Theon eventually and get rid of Vince. In the last round i was ahead but he got out Great Kraken with a duped Balon. I used Rhaenys's Hill and was able to cancel his give str boat with his Murrenmure else he might have won this just with Balon get 2 unops with Kraken. Was fun game for me and although I had the advantage after Faans bad setup and his Valar being blanked by the Judged (which I didnt know) he still fought back, never gave up and nearly beat me.

Top 16 SGE Stark Fealty

At this point I was rather tired and our new Champion played a perfect game. I think the matchup is in my favor but a duped Winterfell round 1 and a Rickon on my YWOYD turn won him the game. I also misplayed this not pushing him enough after TFSOW. I should have played everything I have and force a reset out of him. In the end i didn't found a Varys, Jaquen or Milk and his fat Cait won him the game. It would have been a better game from my side if I had been able to concentrate more but I am getting older and the sleepless nights of CCG Draft and beers at Stahleck have their effect on me!

In conclusion I would like to thank all my opponents for giving me an awsome day of cool games, the organizers of Stahleck who managed to make a perfect 3 day event, all my friends from all over Europe who come year after year to play and drink together! BTW sorry for bad english I am still lacking sleep from the weekend!

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Madus 8

Hi, thanks for sharing your deck. Seems pretty fun even if I'm sure it requires a lot of skill to play with.

However, I did not understand what card was : Rhaenys's Hill

alextrigw 230

Oups... I meant house of the undying!

Atanas Keranov 404

It was a pleasure playing against you on stream and it was the most memorable game of the day for me as well! I hope we can play again soon! About that decklist... I'm writing the recap at the moment, so stay tuned. :)

Acloakofred 53

Great job Trig <3