Greyjoy Alliance (Dragon/Qohor) top 32 Stahleck

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AssortedNeedles 63

7-1 in Swiss, lost in top32 Not going to write a full report but just sharing the decklist for anybody interested, happy to answer any questions.

R1: win vs NW VS turn 3

R2 win vs Greyjoy Crossing turn 4

R3 loss vs NW builders turn 6

R4 win vs Stark Crossing turn 2

R5 win vs Targ VS turn 3

R6 win vs Targ SoB turn 4

R7 win on time vs Tyrell KoS turn 5-6?

R8 win on time vs NW builders turn 4-5?

top 32 loss vs Targ HH turn 6 This deck:

Thanks all opponents and organizers, it was a really fun event!

(also I made a decklist mistake in my plotdeck :P, so for the top32 game Valar was a blank plot :D )

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Noroo:D 8

Kakita_Rinsei 28

I think it's because it's possible on a VM turn to pull in eight power, on a rise of the Kraken turn you can pull in 11 power. It's really hard to stop balon when he is Juiced up

Kakita_Rinsei 28

if he was running red rain then you can add 6 to both of those totals making it possible to really surprise your opponent. Either way its a fast line to a lot of power that at the right moment can finish games that look lost. My questions for him is why Quaithe when he stops baby theon, I would assume its to stop chump blocks, and also on the games you lost was it because of low economy or poor starts?

AssortedNeedles 63

Basically exactly as Kakita_Rinsei says.

Balon Greyjoy (Core) is maybe the most important card in the deck, and almost any games in which you can safely voltron him up, are won very fast. The most important thing for this deck is to win challenges, and Balon Greyjoy (Core) is still the best card for that. Opponent might have a board full of characters , but with Balon and support like searchable Corsair's Dirk and Great Kraken you can still get UO. Other Balons just don't give you that raw power. With little bird also you can even easily get UO intrigue. Also great with dragonbinder intimidate.

I won some games in the past also where i was losing in the beginning, had to play VM, and then win turn 5 or 6 when I finally found Balon to play with Rise of the Kraken, grabbing ~10 power.

Red Rain was in the deck for a long time, but scrapped because it is to clunky and win-more. 1. its a 2 cost which is not so handy 2. it triggers only once per round 3. it's unhandy with qohor, because it will not directly trigger on the challenge you search for it.

Quathe is just another chud, with an ability that might do some work 0.1% of the time.

The game I lost in top32 I had a very bad start, 3 chuds without locations or attachements and opp played first snow turn 1. Read about it here

The other game a had a mediocre start as well, but it was just builders doing their builder stuff and finding cravens etc. Although I did manage to beat builders R8 with some luck when I found Theon very early, put seized on the wall and he had not a craven.

Kakita_Rinsei 28

I found that red rain can be very useful if you are running strangler. I prefer to run 2 strangler and 1 red rain as strangler can stop juggernaut characters. As more decks seem to get characters up past 14 str, strangler can really shutdown voltron characters allowing for more intimidate triggers. Plus I noticed you don't run fishing net. I would have thought that for a deck that requires UO this would be in there to get around opponents characters with stealth not to mention another way around voltron characters.