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jcwamma 2733

Full deck title is "The Adventures of Robert Baratheon, AKA 'Mr Valyrian Steel-Your-Girl'", but I wanted to fit the plug for the deck's success in the title too.

I'm not going to go on with the usual big write-up, but I can confirm the deck is loads of fun to play, and evidently has something to it - I played this in the Sheffield Prime, where I was able to king the swiss, beating both the winner and the runner-up in the process, as well as the person who knocked me out later on.

Basic gameplan is: open with Prince; try to keep your board as healthy as possible round one, then get Robert Baratheon; load him up with good attachments (if you can put Long May He Reign or Bodyguard on him in the standing phase of round one to protect from a turn two reset, do so!); use the cheap non-terminal attachments for repeated draw/gold as required; job's a good'n.

Delena is there for two reasons - one is that she fetches Bastards for more easy draw (I almost never used her trigger for Nightsong or Edric, only the non-unique), and the other is theme. She's the lass who had sex with Robert on Stannis's wedding bed, resulting in Edric's existence in the first place. The non-kneel bit is occasionally useful if you're facing the right sort of Targ/Stark deck, but can actually harm you between Cortnay, Justin, Lightbringer and Seal, so be careful.

7g Mel because she's really good for annoying Night's Watch decks, mostly. She's generally good too, the Insight can let you over-extend more, and she's a good target for Disputed Claim and/or Warhammer.

Lysa Arryn is fun to trigger Spears of the Merling King on. With Great Hall as restricted she's not too pricey to play most of the time, and she can put the opponent between a rock and a hard place. Perfect target to not select for Wildfire.

On that note, Wildfire as reset because the initiative beats Return, I don't trust myself to have saves for Valar M (and don't want the 2 gold 0 claim), I'm playing way too many bigs for Valar D, and I felt like I wanted something to help limit boards. It was good, don't regret it.

Double Barring because Old Bill Bone is the only impacted character in the entire deck, and it shuts down loads of annoying stuff, plus all the new Dothraki jumper tech.

I'm not going to do a full TR, but I will say I enjoyed every game, including the one I lost. I will draw attention to a single play, in the very first game, which was just too delightful not to share. King's Blood is in this deck not for its text, but because it's a 0g non-terminal attachment. You play it on one Bastard, then the next, and so on until it inevitably ends up on Robert or Stannis (or gets binned to reserve). However, in one game I had gold left over and was playing against a Bara KotHH that was ahead on power. I was a little nervous it would reach fifteen before I could get a grip on the game, so I played it on a Bastard of Robert (knelt from the previous round's Withering Cold) and Bestowed it for 3 gold. And this is the only game I imagine you will ever in your life see someone play Public Execution on a Bastard of Robert! Good work Callum.

I'll do my best to answer any questions down below, so ask away.

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YuleOoze 199

what a beauty! :) great work!


Privileged Position is very real (and annoying). Was a pleasure playing against you as always

callumgie 120

Haha. I just wanted to say that our game was the best I have played in a long time. The tournament was a great and had got excited about playing thrones again. I never thought that I would have to execute a bastard of Robert at the start of the day. Congrats on another great performance.

SonOfBattles1 259

Congrats! Is x3 Advisor to the Crown just a cheap way to shore up intrigue icons or do they serve some greater purpose? Maester Cressen is the only other Maester I see their action being used on (other than other advisors of course).

jcwamma 2733

Cheap intrigue icons that can take non-terminal attachments for easy triggers, then get claimed to get the attachments back for more triggers. They also help a lot with setup/round one, which is important for maintaining tempo when you're opening with a 1g plot!

DarkKnight76 255

It’s not a bara deck if it doesn’t include Ser Davos Seaworth lol

jcwamma 2733

Haha, Davos was the last victim of the "slotsm8" problem! It's in many ways a sign of how far the faction have come in the last year that a mono-Bara deck can actually afford to completely cut Davos and still be good...

Kentucky Shaun 39

I had real trouble with Delena Florent in this deck. She stymied Penrose and Lightbringer Stannis and although it didn't happen in my game, would also hurt Massey. And one of the biggest opposing "standers" right now is Wildling Jon Snow, a bastard. I think I'd definitely chop her in exchange for extra copies of Penrose and Massey and maybe even a Davos.

Secondly, any advice on when to play the Prince Who Came too Late would be appreciated.

jcwamma 2733

@Kentucky Shaunthe argument for cutting Delena is a fair one. It's a question of weighing up the card advantage she offers from her trigger and the fact she often fetches a free Bastard, with the downside you describe. There's also an element of metacall - she's very effective against Targ decks running Queensguard or a Stormborn Dany, and also in the Stark matchup. If you expect those I think she's worth keeping; otherwise, cutting as you suggest probably makes sense.

With regards to Prince, at the event I literally flipped it plot 1 every game, but results may vary in a wider meta!