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Hello all.

I've play this piece of jank in Winter Festival to a awesome average result of 3-3 but i've been ask to publish it.

When i first know i can go to Winter Festival, i was lacking a playable deck. I was janking around with a Lannister Valyrian Steel clansmen Turbo Tyrion thingy and trying to make The White Book working.

At first, i planned to go with Wamma's deck but you know, it's a good deck and i'm not a so good player. And i know that i will be sad to do a poor performance with such a good deck. So i settle to try my WB build and try to do my best.

The idea is that Targ have 2 good kings. Hizdahr zo Loraq is strong and he worked well with some expensive guys like Ser Grandpa and Jaime Wannabe and does amazing with The White Swords. And King Hobo First of his name can grab power, is cheap and sometimes annoys the big guys. You slam some Balanced Card in it to stand the renown guy and you spiced it up with Targaryen Coasters

You will see that Hobo King don't work well with The Hollow Hill, Anguy the Archer and Ghosts of Harrenhal but you can have him out only when needed and he works well as Qotho/Hizdar/Cohollo fuel.

The deck is not optimized at all, i think i've changed like 2 cards from the first time i've played it and i played it like 3 times before the tournament.

I don't remember the games well but i won against Greyjoy Winter, Baratheon Wars to come and Stark Crossing. And i lose against NW VS and Lannister Kingdom. And i get like wrecked against Barath Lion anti-stand deck.

Your advices are welcome to let WB to be good and playable.

(Sorry for my english! :D )

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