need heeeeeeelp plz readddddddd

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jekill 8

hello everyone i know its an illegal deck its for home playing so doesn't matters, need help, i'm trying to build a clansman deck and all i have is one core set, lanni box, taking the black, for family honor, there is my claim, ghosts of harrenhal, the red wedding, the fall of astapor, lanni, greyjoy and tyrell deluxe boxes, i think the deck itself is fine but the plots are bad, which plots should i use?

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starclown 126

With the packs you have available I would do something like this:

jeermaster 782

Here's what I would build (couple of pointers can be found in the description):

Rick IsLitFam 260

Well, you definitely want a board clearing plot. So slot one of the Valars or Wildfire.