Top 4 of Nanjing Prime Championship, best Lanni in Swiss

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adam_geek 457

Clp: we have tons of draws and gold thanks to the Agenda and your attachments are unpredictable because of the put in play ability. However, the agenda is weak in the play comparing with agendas like Prince or Xing, but fortunately Lanni has lots of big guys. So the idea of the deck is simple : playing big guys and attack! (you don’t have to be worried about draws and control thanks to the agenda and new Red Keep).

Now let’s talk about the plots. At the gates: regular opening plot. Exchange information : Great drawing plot for Steels, as you can also draw by attachment. Expose Duplicity: It can’t guarantee of beating Shadows, but it works once you see something annoyin in the shadow such as guilt and Shadow from the East. PS: don’t be greedy and wait for the Shadow player put shadows in, as they usually want do that, so just use it if you want to. Late summer feast: It works when you need lots of economy in the mid-game, and sometimes you need it when playing against SoB. It is always useful, except for playing against shadow. Loan from the Iron Bank: I need the third high-income plot to help me in the late game. I was given an advice on replacing You Win or You Die by this.

Return to the field: Universally useful plot, you can see it in almost every deck.

Wildfire Assault: Can’t use Valar M, too many big guys to use Valar D, and hard to use First Snow, so wildfire appear to be a better choice.

Emrys123 1