The King(sguard) in the North

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Mog 62

Hello Guys.

I've tried Kingsguard deck with almost all factions except Tyrell (They've got a LOT of option and i don't know where to start) and for now my best try is this one with Stark.

You've got a cheap Queen with Jeyne Westerling and a good King with the other Robb Stark (AtSK)and you have a great Knight who draw with The Blackfish.

You have draw, you have good chuds and I Am No One, Bran Stark (Core) offers good protection and No Surprises to prevent Varys (DitD) and some others stuff like Nightmares.

The Hound (HoT) and Ser Arys Oakheart made the cut because there are not shadows and cost only 4 gold and sometimes only 2 with Ser Balon Swagg

Please give feedback and things you think can be improved to make Kingsguard deck a force to reckon with.

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Floydos 29

Hi. Why no Ser Preston Greenfield? Despite he has shadows keyword, you can play like "normal" cause he has not any reaction related to shadows and he has INT ikon.

Mog 62

Why not, i've chose the Hound ans Ser Arys because there are cheaper but you can switch one of those (Arys i think) for Greenfield! :D