The Worst Deck Ever Made

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Rick IsLitFam 260

Sure, anyone can make a good or great deck. But can YOU make the WORST deck? Now, that is the true challenge.

This may just be the worst fully legal Thrones deck out there right now. That's a feat that many have often wondered. "What is the worst deck? Can it ever win?"

Well, I'm here to tell you that if anyone can win with this deck, they will instantly be crowned World Champ. They'll even cancel World's this year.

The challenge was a 33 character, 10 location, 10 event, 7 attachment deck. And here it is.

If you do manage to win a game with this deck on TheIronThrone, let me know and I'll let Nate French know you're the TRUE world champ!

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jeermaster 764

I'm pretty sure this deck is worse.

What do I win?