NW VS Bruhs: Top 32 Worlds. Top NW Day 1B

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Juggernaut-75 141

This deck was built with the help of my meta mates the Strombruhs. I was able to pilot it to 2nd place on day 1b of the worlds joust and finished in top 32 overall for worlds. Overall the deck ran really, really smooth. My 2 loses where to targ sob in swiss. I was caught off guard by a t1 VM that killed my Clydas and Hobb then Alejandro proceeded to beat my up lol. Lost in top 32 to bara qohor. My first last to bara qohor with this deck. Lost 11-9 on time. Needed to see either the Wall or Strangler and just never saw it. Ryan Wood played great vs me and deserved the win, it was not an easy game at all. He played great. Any specific deck questions just comment.



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Dragonfireadept 24

Nice job! What was your reasoning for running two different Jon Snows?

Juggernaut-75 141

@Dragonfireadept depending on the matchup i may want one over the other. For example, vs stark crossing with winterfell i want lord jon because he is a tri con and kneel winterfell does nothing or intimidate might be relevant. Vs like targ sob, i want wildling jon because i can commit all swords to blocking, stand everyone up and either swing back or if they have our khal i can block their 2nd mil challenge. So depending on the matchup i may want 1 over the other. I went with 2 lord jon and 1 wildling jon because i can tutor for wildling jon with fresh recruits