Lifestyles of the Flayed and the Faceless (Top 64 Worlds)

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Zack_Price 243

Wanted to bring a different deck for the last official worlds! Lanni has been "The Girl Next Door" house for me. I've always favored other houses, but just kept coming back to Lanni.

The decks ultimate goal is attrition, obviously. Ive had many good matches against SoB decks, Bara Qohor, NW Steel (Steal), ect. Shadow decks are the problem for sure though, hence Lennart Paga eliminating me from the cut.

Hope you all enjoy the deck!

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movac 1

What's the main usage of the faceless man?

Zack_Price 243

@movacSorry, just saw this! Its mainly extra power icons. Although occasionally i can grab renown from them for a speedier game.