TTWDFL Bara Dark Wings

Simulador de robo
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scantrell24 3239

Potential cards:

Forced March + Defiance

You Win or You Die

Red Priest + Azor Ahai

Sparrows + Black Cells + Poisoned Coin

Ser Cortnay

Ser Justin Massey

Ser Eldon Estermont

Big Selyse





Hunting Accident

Stone Drumm

Iron Throne + Painted Table


Red Keep

Relentless Assault


Tarred Heads

Support of the People

Ours is the Fury

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Req 1

Why the new cards are not legal for tournaments? Is this an official decision?

scantrell24 3239

@ReqIt's not an official decision because there no longer are any official decisions. Fantasy Flight Games has ended Organized Play over the game, but a Player Committee is currently organizing to run the game going forward.