TTWDFL Martell KotHH

Simulador de robo
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Derivado de
Ninguno. Éste es un mazo hecho de cero.
Inspiración para
Ninguno todavía.

scantrell24 3199

Potential cards:

Desert Raider (instead of FB)

Prince Doran's Behest

Valar Morghulis

Political Disaster

Long Plan

2nd Marched

Bastard Daughter

Orphan of the Greenblood

Spotted Sylva

The Fowler Twins

Dagos Manwoody

Ricasso + Starfall Cavalry + Quentyn (SoD)

Southron Messenger + Nymeria (TRtW) + Icon Attachments

Shadows Arianne + Archibald Yronwood + Starfall Spy + Gerris Drinkwater

Lingering Vemon

Milk of the Poppy

Secret Pact

Sky Cell

Hand's Judgment

Poisoned Coin


Someone Always Tells

Last Giants

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