Lannister LotC - World Cup

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Benji 758

Build I made for the World Cup, the goal was to have a Lannister deck able to sneak game away from the opponent. The Lord of the Crossing was the only competitively viable build available in the faction. Very few changed, the only noticeable change was the increased economic stability and the possibility to lift the slightly missing draw module.

The increase in draw throughout the metagame made vital the ability to draw yourself. This is why Chiswyck and Grand Maester Pycelle are x3.

The Prince Who Came Too Late finds a spot because the only acceptable mechanic of the deck at competitive level is Cersei + Casterly Roc.

Valar Morghulis is a joker card because nothing was fitting the deck, so better take the most dramatic effect who can be used as a Silver Bullet under favorable circumstances. You just want to rush. So maybe if you are on the verge of losing, you could have duped your board and sneak a victory with ValarM.

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Benji 758

The sole point of this deck is to try to steal game. You automatically lose vs Icon Removal, Builder, Burn, for example.

Benji 758

Switch : Regent's Guard instead of Bronn.