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Drowned God - HwtRD Nagga's Ribbs (World Cup) 1 1 4 1.0
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JosefK 6

Had to change things up from the inspiration deck due to lacking the last cycle of chapter packs. Losing the Iron Gates and adding the Drowned Men for some military icons meant adding a few econ warships wasn't too bad of an idea. Though they are a bit on the expensive side.

Champions Challenge instead of Uneasy Truce because I just want to stop that power challenge. I welcome military claim and even intrigue if it hits a cheap character (which Nagga adds to dead pile). A Feast for Crows to add some tempo and maybe discard something useful in taxation. Time of Plenty because it's awesome.

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Reader 137

I can see the Ironborn trait is represented well enough for core Aeron, but Ward is definitely still a thing. I'd be more inclined to reap the benefits of 5 cost Aeron... draw wins games for Drowned God. If you were to stick with core Aeron, I'd also run Stoney Shore Raiders for the extra value. I'd also go for 2 Newly Made Lords... these are particularly good with Old Grey Gull. Just seeing these chars laid out infront of me makes me wanna try DG again though. Meta feels so stale right now, no different from Words meta really. So I'll make an edit and give it a go. Cheers.

Reader 137

Maybe something more like this...

1x At the Gates 1x Champion's Challenge 1x Confiscation 1x Exchange of Information 1x Trading with the Pentoshi 1x Valar Morghulis 1x Wildfire Assault Character (34)

3x Acolyte of the Waves 3x Aeron Damphair (KotI) 3x Drowned Disciple [J] [M] 3x Drowned God's Apostle 3x Drowned Men 3x Drowned Prophet 3x King's Landing Proselyte 1x Maester Kerwin 1x Maester Murenmure 2x Newly-Made Lord 3x Old Grey Gull 3x Priest of the Drowned God (NMG) 3x Tarle the Thrice-Drowned Attachment (7)

1x Dragonbinder 3x Driftwood Cudgel 3x Milk of the Poppy Location (13)

1x Gates of the Moon 1x Great Wyk 1x Iron Gate 1x Nagga's Ribs 3x Old Wyk 3x Sea Tower 3x The Roseroad Event (6)

3x Given to the Drowned God 3x Risen from the Sea

JosefK 6

Yeah, I don't know, winning dom and bouncing back one character with the Apostle and then immediately bouncing the Apostle back with Aeron was great for triggering the disciples in my last game. I actually really want to try 5-cost Aeron but I doubt he will be as effective.

Yeah Wildfire could be good, not sure about Trading with though, you want to be able to stall fast decks. I like the feast.

The thing about the Raiders and Newly-made Lord is they want to control your opponent. I thought of this deck more as focused on getting power for myself and not caring at all about controlling the opposition. I think it's hard to do both but mb I need more balance. Would be nice to hear how it went playing your version :)