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Support of the People 7

i would remove 7-pointed star x3 for sure. You can replace that with better attachments.

Without seven-pointed star, you might also want to double check if your "the seven" cards are really worth it, and maybe mill one of them out. davos is still good bc kings/lightbringer but 5 cost is awks, starry sept combos with mel which combos with great hall (which i will mention you should add in a second), and statue of baelor works with all the power grabbing, so this is up to you.

I would take out king's landing since you aren't running any duplicate locations. That would probably free up some deck space by getting rid of spears of the merling king, the kingsroad and even king's gate if you're so inclined. You need to replace these cards with GOLD and CHEAPER MARSHALING. If all these cards are to be removed (and I think they all should with the POSSIBLE exception of king's gate), you should run 2-3 great halls (this would also involve switching up ur characters to have more uniques. i would remove fiery followers since you don't rly care about dominance anymore. try and find some more unique r'hollors maybe?). gates of the moon is also a viable option for gold.

Gold in general will just be a problem. you have no high gold plot cards and several low gold ones. you absolutely need to free up some deckspace to have NECESSARY gold-getting locations, then be very, very picky about locations and events from there.

tbh i would toss lyn corbray and probably lady forlorn with him unless you end up with a bunch of neutral locations. it is cool that u can guaranteed give him lady forlorn, but 5 cost is awkward and he is out of faction and supports nothing else. he's a cool lone wolf, but has no psynergy. is defiance x1, let alone x2, rly necessary?

lastly, you might consider running 3 copies of isle of ravens (and/or support of the people to search it out), then restructure your attachments. You want to start with the big cost ones so you can go into whatever you want, so those should be x3. the lower cost ones can all be x1 if you know you can use isle of ravens to put them back into your deck as soon as they are sacrificed (unless you think you might want two copies out at once. the unique low costs should certainly all be x1, which you already do). you might not actually need to run as many attachments as you think you do if you focus more on filtering them back in. this would also allow you to have more control over the flow of attachments in/out of the deck so you could have some agency in reducing the amount of dead draws.

thats all for now... anon