NW/Fealty [One Collection Casual]

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User u/OFLToast on r/agameofthroneslcg asked about some casual decks that could all be built out of one full collection, turning the complete FFG run of AGoT 2.0 into an off-the-shelf style game. I took this as a challenge.

This is one of 14 decks that can all be built out of one collection, intended to show a broad range of all the things that this great game can be while still having them not being built like a complete mess if possible. They don't adhere to any restricted list, though I've attempted to avoid any truly ridiculous interactions, and often I prioritised showing off more cool cards at 1x to give a sense of what is possible over running everything at the maximum possible copies for efficiency. Each faction is represented twice (six as main factions, and two as one main faction/one banner agenda).

Search [One Collection Casual] in the Decklists section to find the rest!

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