Plot power with giants

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shumbert 129

Here's my top 8 build from the Storming of Starspike. I lost to Targ SoB, but hopefully that will be banned and gone or changed somehow soon. Anyway, here's a brief rundown:

I don't like doing round by round, but here's the general play of the deck. It gains most of its power using plot effects. It opens At Prince Doran's Behest pretty much without fail and, as long as they don't open a summer plot, you go Winter Festival and get to claim 2 power after challenges that they can't take. You use your His Viper Eyes to isolate characters in the hand and hit them with Heads on Spikes. The Iron Throne (Core) and A Feast for Crows are pretty self explanatory. You use Burning on the Sand and Vengeance for Elia mostly to protect your power, though Vengeance for Elia is very flexible and determining if it's best to turn thier mil challenges against them, empty their hand faster, or insulate your power are decisions you'll make depending on the situation. Obviously it likes to reset the board, and Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris, Marched to the Wall, and the "The Last of the Giants" + Varys (Core) combo in dominance is nice as well. You gain most of your power through intelligent use of your plot effects that do so--and The Boneway of course--and the rest is pretty much challenge negation or punishing them in some way for even trying. This makes the deck faster than most passive power decks, so much so that you normally only need a single The Boneway trigger to win. So, to recap, you gain passive power QUICKLY through plot effects. You heavily water down the value of their challenges while using Dorne, His Viper Eyes, Vengeance for Elia, Obella Sand, and The Boneway to benefit from their efforts. It's fun. It's strong. And, in my unbiased opinion, kinda clever. Anyway, I hope you have fun.

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scantrell24 3263

Thanks for sharing the list. Looks fun.

Derry 83

good job! I've been trying this plot pool in different factions and they worked best for me with Martell and NW, which I guess makes total sense. They're also viable with GJ and Bara I think. I tried a list with Ricasso at Stormpike but couldn't really make it work. I think your Boneway approach is more coherent than going for a Doran's game win with these cards. Your 3x Obella has really got my heart. Congrats!

shumbert 129

Thanks :). I hope you both try and enjoy.