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BadDecks 42

One of my many original decks (a bad one of course) that I wanted to share and publish, maybe get some feedback and some clout for coming up with this unique combo.

Obviously the idea is The Prince Who Came Too Late ensures that Mance Rayder gets in to start the Meereen wombo combo.

Early Frost has no real backfire due to the draw power of Meereen

The First Snow of Winter minimal backfire due to all cards ambush ability.

Why City Gates ? Because The Kingsroad and Ocean Road only work in marshal phase and the 1g cost draw utility is nice even when catching it inside Meereen

I haven't managed to get Dalla going yet but I know she has potential in this deck.

The Hollow Hill might be overkill but it puts the cards you really need in hand.

Nightmares could be replaced by "The Last of the Giants" for a utility event but Nightmares is much more versatile.

2x Gates of the Moon because starting with that card in setup is sexy.

1x Wildling Horde to make the faction card of some use.

Hoping to see Queensguard in my hand at some point because I know it has potential.

King Beyond the Wall speaks for itself.

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Redal59 67

Frozen shore seems unnecessary it's not like Targ lack for ways to stand characters.

More Queensguard is probably worth it. Dragon Egg can give insight. Water Dancer's sword is great in wildling deck. Relentless Assault might be a good alternative faction kneel too. Tormund and Dalla should both be 3x. Cut Wun Wun cause he's terrible.