If I'm going to do poorly, I may as well pay homage to the e

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slanderandlies 121

The full deck name is:

If I'm going to do poorly, I may as well pay homage to the event's name (8th place at Blackwater 2020 6-3)

So, I built this deck in 5 minutes. I forgot that Imry exists, I forgot that Spears of the Merling King exists. I'm fairly certain the deck only made to cut to spite me for how I named it.

If you want to try something like this, build it better and pilot it better. K, thanks, bye.

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Lord Hakkera 21

I really like this archetype, but sadly Assault and other Black Cells-centric builds seem to have overshadowed it lately. This particular variant seems especially spicy with the inclusion of 3x Public Execution.

Out of curiosity, after piloting it (and now knowing that Imry and Spears exist), how would you modify / improve this deck?

Oh and congratulations on your performance! A bad deck name and a good tournament standing is typically better than the reverse. :D