Eddard's Justice! - TOP16 (5 -3) Westeros Summer League 2020

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SergSel 48

This is the deck I ran in Westeros Summer 2020 league (https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7625) and to my surprise it did quite well.

The general idea behind is to maximize the use of Eddard Stark (PoS) and his ability. As a result the deck has some attrition feel to it with Winter Is Coming, Ramsay Snow and Ward as restricted. However, the other side of Eddard is that he has renown and plan B revolves just around power gain.I could not but include some of the thematic elements as Malleon's Tome and The Wolf King. The other cards are mostly good stuff.

R1:win vs. Martell Wars, do not remember much of a game, but it seems I was just faster with plan B.

R2:loss to Targ Qohor, the opponent was too fast for me and I struggled to put the big guys on board.

R3:win vs. NW Steel, do not remember muc, I somehow won:)

R4:win vs. NW Long Voyage, the opponent was starved for power icons and I pushed the plan B with fast power gain.

R5:win vs. Bara Assault, tense game against control, Bara lacked The Black Cells, he saw it only in endgame and I had pushed some key kill with Ed, but it was close.

R6:loss vs. NW Qohor, an interesting deck with Jon Snow (Core) overwhelmed me.

Top32:win vs. Stark Crossing, Crossing on winter plots, I had key steal of Dacey Mormont with Ward and managed to apply pressure with Ed.

Top16:loss vs. Targ Assault, I had not a bad start, but then misplay You Win Or You Die and suffered a reset, which left me in dire situation.

Overall, the deck performed better than I expected.

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Statusunquo 1

What would you typically use Skagos for?

SergSel 48

@Statusunquo - several purposes: repeat Ramsay triggers, if I have a big board: then you can get off nasty negative attachments from characters who are > than x1 in the deck; also I can potentially Skagos Ed himself to use his ability twice in the dominance phase, first stand him with Northern Armory or e. g. Jeyne, then use Skagos, the card that comes with Skagos, comes with a new instanc eof the ability. Though I did not manage to pull off that little combo :)