Ned is dead... avenge him

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Noah Scape 1

I've been playing this with a couple of friends who thought Stark was the worst faction, and while I agree somewhat, this deck has play.

The plot cards are pretty standard, allows for hyper aggression if you need it, or slow and building if you don't get the cards you need. How its been running for me is pure attrition. I use cards to force you to discard characters with march or with Ramsay, or i outright kill them with sneak attack, Ice, winter is coming, speed, and military.

There are cards that can probably be moved around to improve the efficiency, but this is my first time doing this and I've only just made this deck 3 days ago.

I was really struggling against a freefolk deck and this just destroys it. It seems really good against the others that got thrown at it.

Let me know what you think.

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