Sands of War

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Hellias 8

This is a deck i tried and crash tested against a variety of decks (tournament decks or custom made ones) and its surprisingly strong so far. It relies heavily on carefull plot selection as you can do literally a lot of board control only with your plots. Vengeance for Elia is there to stop any high claim challenges against you and make your oppononet think twice. In Doran's Name is a powerfull tool if played in the turn you use The Long Plan and manage to stay alive for the next turn in which you could go for Counting Coppers or even a Secret Schemes. Your characters offer a wide array of tools....A lot of them are "No attachement" so you couldnt care less about Milk of the Poppy or other pesky attachments your opponent might have ... Host of the Boneway is a gamewinner in late games and your "On a Misty Morn" can bring them back, or even the Starfall Cavalry..or your Knights of the name it. Obella Sand is an excellent sacrificial lamb and creates hickups to your oppononts power and Arianne Martell (Core) works wonders with Dornish Spy and Greenblood Trader.
Your Patience is there to help you replay the Dornish Spy and Greenblood Trader (using it also to bounce back to your hand those important characters you have before you Valar Morghulis in the next plot phase perhaps??!). Secret Schemes is there to make Rationing or Barring the Gates or other pesky plots obsolete and Double-Dealing is a multitool that offers you access to every plot your oponent played that has a passive worst its a 5 gold 7 initiative plot card, not too shabby! There are other subtle tricks this deck offers and although its not strongly themed its quite versatile with a wide array of shenanigans, nasty surprises and quite a healthy economy. Eventually you win by having a complete hand size/draw/gold advantage plot supremacy and quality Characters ,either cost effective or brutally powerful. Enjoy and any positive feedback is welcome!

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