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Orion727 93

As it will be restricted in two days i will publish the deck i used in the last edition and also in the running edition of the Champions of Westeros in case someone is interested. I think it performs well against most decks and i usually used it in case i needed a win.

This is the standard version and i sometimes made a few changes if i expected a certain deck.

The idea of the deck is simple. Get gates of the moon first round, then play exchange to get the beggar king. After that you usually play coppers twice or blood of the dragon to get board domination. You have low income plots which do a lot of work so the beggar king helps your econ a lot. There are not so many targets for it so sometimes it can be tricky to find a target that stays around.

I want to mention two decks that were an influence but are from another era so that i would not say this deck is derived from these decks but i would not argue if you say otherwise:

This is a very old deck, but it was the first to use beggar king, so i wanted to mention it.

If you have a question about the deck, feel free to ask.

2 comentarios

Feuerbart 1

since you kicked me out twice in CoW with this deck, I have no questions, just grudging respect ;-)

Zinnie 7

Thanks for sharing!