Big Tyrell

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Marco Martell 18

I used it in the final of the 4 different decks tournament and I won against Tyrell HRD Bitterbridge Encampment by Tamas (alta). He did have good setup/draw apparently while I had. Still, it seemed that he would win as I probably let him too much, waiting with Political Disaster and Varys on the table with hope for dupes. Eventually Varys (put from HRD reaction) saved me clearing full table as 6 power on characters has gone before Tamas got 3 power from my Prized characters (Varys, Lysa, Margaery). Then I hit also locations with Political Disaster; Mace and Renly came with 2 septons (these were with me from the first round), and I took advantage.

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Marco Martell 18

It was inspired on Lannister and Francisco Gobantes decks of course. Not sure how much it differs now, I played a version of it some months ago... Lastly added Orton Merryweather and therefore 2x Olenna's Informant, but I didn't play it since I modified it after first restrict list after redesigns appeared (eliminated House Florent Knights and At the Palace of Sorrows).