Winter is Unopposed

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Stormheart 6

This is my best deck from the Original era. Almost every card has an unopposed trigger, as that is the goal. Here is the purpose of some of the chosen cards.

:Winter Reserves: An easy way to gain extra gold from your winter plots later on.

:Ghosts of Harrenhall: In case too many of your key characters die. You can usually keep them on board using Risen from the Sea and duplicates, though there's always a chance they'll be burnt or Put to the Sword. Just watch the opponents' dead pile so you don't give them something they want back.

:Rise of the Kraken: If you have at least two key characters on board, this plot is the next play.

:Old Nan: Since I'm running some plots that don't have the winter trait, she's here to help keep Fishwhiskers active and gain that extra gold from the reserves

These are your key characters. Keep as many on board and unhindered as possible. In order they are:

  1. Fishwhiskers: The main reason for me building this deck was this guys' mass stealth effect. A guaranteed unopposed win if Winter has your back. Great with Red Rain.

  2. Theon Greyjoy (TFoA): His mass stealth works most of the time, but since factions do have their little reducers and characters like Bastard Daughter, he won't always be unnopposed.

  3. Balon Greyjoy (Core): Balon is here for his mass stealth also, being the opposite of Theon's. The reason I consider him third and not higher is because of the three he is the most expensive, and you don't always find Old Nan or a Kingsroad

  4. Asha Greyjoy (Core): And finally was have Asha. Normal stealth but she has a built in stand ability, which I think is one of the best abilities.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory. The Seastone Chair turns a military challenge into a free PTTS, meaning you can kill a large dangerous character or the smallest reducer if you plan to play Ghosts of Harrenhall next round. Maiden Bane is an extra stand effect, Red Rain for extra unopposed power gain, and Great Kraken and Rhymes With Meek are for card draw. Seize the Initiative is a card I rarely saw played back then and even now. It can change your opponent's plan drastically and it allows The Kraken's Grasp to be felt. Old Grey Gull is a way to return the Drowned God Fanatic back to your hand, and has an intrigue icon for some extra interaction.

Winter is Coming, as is your victory!

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