All Men are Fools (Queen of Thorns)

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mkellz 1

I tried to build a deck around The Queen of Thorns (Core) and the All Men Are Fools (AMAF) event card. I think it looks decent on text, but I can never win with them :( I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Req 1

I'd say there is so much room for basic improvements.

In generale drop a few cards down, having more than 60-61 is not advisable.

Why so many 1x for non-characters? Try to be consistent with the cards you like (Marketplace, Kingsroad, Barge) and remove cards which are not helpful to your ladies deck (Machinations, This must be answered fiercely).

Check your plots too: they don't have to be all summers, instead put some reset (any Valar) and some utility (plots to draw).

Keep playing and improving your deck!

Feuerbart 33


so I am not really qualified to answer, but I thought you deserved a response ;-)

some ideas: if you include more dupes of key cards, you can draw them more often and get more focus and reliability in the deck? --> queen of thors on her own will not be enough. You can get good econ and bring on 6-costs chars in other ways... so her ability is often just a nice "addition", but string enough to win I think.

more ladies if you want to make use of all men are fools?

honeywine seems unnecessary if you have AMAF,

3x blessed by the maiden seems too much as it is expensive even if it protects good characters.

And excellent ladies deck (with redesigns) is this one by Diomedes:

Ladies are underplayed, so try to keep it up :-)