Lanni Castamer AMBUSH forewer.

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This deck play for ambush, any one dont choese create ambush deck,i dont see any deck on this pages for inspiration, this is from my head.I didnt bild deck from a pages, this is only from my head! This deck try kill some one characters and then kill the oponent. i did and play that from over that the game start. This deck has lots of weaknes , doesent meater if you go first or second. This deck in not conventional and others no wait on it. I publish my deck now becouse now all cards are issued, I hope this deck will serve to you, for create decks without inspiration from internet resorces! Please, your head is stronger then internet and main stream Decks ! i Tryed lots of ambush deck over 4 years, with lannister. Hope me.

This deck i played on oficial turnaments, and on the wrestle is 3 : 2 win/losee. or 2 / 3

This is Mid-control deck, try to by decsrease agro and be good oponent vs Control dekcx, this is MID RAMPAGE. This deck is weak VS- milk cards, Power icon character VS agro.

Strategy: 1) first plan prince/summer harvers. if you thing you play vs agro play summer harvest, if not play prince and call Tywin. Tywin is good for next gold preasure. if you play summer harvest VS: Late Summer Feast/Pentos if oponent play building or something race controling. you can press with characters on bord. if Tywin is milked use Confiscation to save him and raise a gold preasure.

Defend: Bodygards, trachery, Seal, The Hound, Thw first snow of winter, Confiscation, The iron bank. Will defend you in mid game,wild fire-you can let go oponent tu you, if you winn a intrigue by 5 cast wild fire vs agro. start a game and late game.

Attack: 1) Your oponent counts with your icons and shields characters on your board, and he dont know about ambush on your hand, save 4 gold for your abmushs, ideal 8 gold, Kill some one or do something what you want or do something wiht your oponent does not count with it. This is confusion him.

Secondary Attack: You can from rains from casamere raise claim value from intrigue for 2. and send "Combat test" and kill 2. characters. You will be rise power clips with Jaime,Tywin, Small concuil, Faceles men, The boy king,Untaped tywin with seal or rains, have 2x renown in one turn. Wait, fight and win will be best then other control. You will wins around 4-6- Round.

If all failure: You dont be kill a Valar morgulis/ or other killing spree cards, you have good chance kill the oponet with strong characters and claim lots of power clip,Men without a face have renown if you kill characters with renown.In late game you have more characteres and more icons then the oponent who play a combo, and more stronge charachters, because you wait for better opportunity then him. if you go still strategy... He will cant have deploy importnat characters to game, becouse they are dead.

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