"The last ride of the NPE Spies" - Finalist & King of Swiss

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Lannister 479

This deck ended up second in a Store championship tourney in Barcelona with 14 players (in real life... what a great day :))


It drinks from other previous Bribery + Dissenssion + MFG deck iterations (kudos to everyone) but it is the most efficient formula I've tried so far.

It feels like a perfect framework built on cheap characters, passive power and board control.

It was unbeaten up until the final round and very superior all along. I discussed a lot with my opponents how this should be tackled because... there is no possible scenario imo where this would remain unfixed, for the sake of players experience.

What the solution is? That is another conversation.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Keep playing the only game that matters folks!

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