"Duro contra el muro" Extremely stable NW VS

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Ice Ice Baby - Runner-up @ German Nationals 13 10 3 1.0
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estupe 50

I was playing NW VS for a wild and that the actual deck I'm using.

Past Saturday I use it at store on Bcn we play and i got the first place : https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/8083

In my opinion, this deck is so powerful for all te draw it can get and all the tricks it contain, usually I end the challenge phase whit just 1 card in hand and easyaly end the turn whit 3/4.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Magnus 1

Congrats on tournament win! I saw Tamás play with Great Ranging when using For the Realm. Considered adding that, since econ will allow you to play it?

estupe 50

Thx! I tried to add it but it don't fit on this deck on my opinion, this deck is extremely optimized on don't get cards stuck in hand. For the Realm works enough with The Wall (Core) and Ranging Party